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We all know that the biggest Investment in any company is our staff.

“With out YOUR staff where would YOU be”?

Your staff represent you as a company. Your staff produce your products and provide your services to other companies. Whatever Industry you are in, Your Staff are key in insuring that the Service and Product compete with your competitors and outclass them in any way they can.

Companies who scrimp on their Staff tend to suffer the consequences in the future. Investment in your staff ensures good moral, ensures that they are loyal to your business and that they are committed as well.

Similarly, using a Consultancy that bears that in mind when searching for your next superstar is key. We are not your typical Recruitment Agency, we are your Recruitment Consultancy. We take a Consultative approach to all our client engagements. We know how busy we all are, and rather than following the norm of Agencies out there, “we do not just send CV’s across”. If that is what you are looking, unfortunately we are not the Consultancy for you.

We recruit for your staff, the same way we would for one of our Own Consultants. We qualify the need for the Head Count firstly, ensuring that the need exists. We then fully qualify the Vacancy and the Future Employer, ensuring we know as much about the role, as we do about the Personality of the Employer and their unwritten requirements. We find that the soft skills which are never written down tend to be the key factors when engaging a new employee.

Lastly we will ensure that every Potential Future Staff Member that is submitted to you for consideration meets the same stringent requirements one of our Consultants needs to. “Essentially, Would we Employ them?

We work across a Number of Markets with Consultants working exclusively within them.

  • Information Technology
  • Executive Search
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Office Support General

We pride ourselves in knowing we have Upheld the True meaning of the phrase Recruitment Consultant, and not watered down our services and become your average Recruitment Agency.

If you are looking for a Recruitment Consultancy to work alongside your existing Human Resources Department to fulfill your Staffing Needs then please do Contact Us.


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